Return Policy

All purchases are final when buying direct from the artist. This is because many of the packing, shipping, warranty and tax fees are non refundable. 

Bluethumb and other art platforms offer different policies you may be interested in when purchasing any of these artworks that are more suitable to you, please send requests directly to them. 

Refund Policy

Partial refunds may be possible on insured/ warranty shipping orders if they are lost or damaged in transit.

Please note: No refunds on PayPal over payments will be issued if purchase is direct from the artist. Credit on future purchases will be issued instead. This is to avoid overseas scams that target Art Galleries worldwide and Australian businesses, so please check amounts paid before sending the final amount. 

Also Note: It is not possible to quote Duty/ Export Taxes payable in individual countries from Australia before shipping artworks, thus these payments if requested from the country you reside in, are payable by the purchaser. I would recommend  placing the artwork on hold and contacting your custom officers that work with DHL/ FedEx courier companies etc with a quote that can be supplied to you to find out more prior to budgeting decisions you make as some countries are Duty Free and others have a 20% charge on the total value of the artwork. A more accurate estimate may be obtained this way.

Finally Thank you for your understanding and please ASK should there be any other enquiries. 

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