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 Susan and Steven Willemse

This husband and wife team enjoy nothing better than exploring Australia's unique bushland to capture and take portraits of the  best avian birdlife in the world.

Using acrylics and airbrushing on canvas moments in time are captured in light and color depicting our feathery friends.


The start of a new series of portfolios, wildlife that has been photographed both in wild and in zoos, tropical fish from all over the world in our recently built aquarium and a few of our local farm animals seen while out geocaching are portrayed. 



We can be contacted with inquiries regarding availability and prices  of  original artworks at s_willemse@yahoo.com


Pack & Send can be contacted for quotes on packing, postage and warranty of original works. Please see FAQ for more details.


All art images can be purchased as inkjet prints at  reduced cost.


In addition to receiving your artworks and prints you will also receive a Certificate of Authenticity with each purchase.





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