Art and Photography of Australian Birds.



Susan Willemse
Steven Willemse

Susan paints Australian birds using acrylics and airbrushes on canvas. Photographs taken by Steven and Susan of local Canberra birds inspire these images. More information can be found in my first blog, publications, social media posts and features as well as Sanjiv Nair's art critic on this website. 

Steven is the skilled photographer and the IT technical assistant in all matters regarding Art and Photography of Australian Birds. Steven has helped with building Australian birds Art Gallery and the framing of this collection. I am very grateful for all his help! 

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What can Art and Photography Australian birds offer you?

Original artworks, framed or unframed for interior designing and investments, a Certificate of Authenticity is supplied free of charge, as well as printed designs on a variety of objects for gifts. Photographs are here for you to enjoy viewing and see the process of creation but are unfortunately not for sale at this time, all are copyrighted and protected from plagiarism.

How can this make your life better?

Using these artworks and objects, color and beauty can be added to your surroundings to enhance mindfulness and create smiles. Read my blogs on Wellness, mindfulness and art therapy and The mind and body benefits of creating and viewing artwork.

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